It is a third black matter: space that feels like it could be two dense objects, maybe a third on the lower left, floating over terrain. There is definitely landscape, cold and desolate, scale seems imprecise and hard to judge whether boot print or crevices holding prehistoric creatures small or large. The black feels warm against the terrain. It could be a mass but it eschews being solid. It feels mysterious and I haven’t made up my mind yet if it is safe. I mean, it could be a tumor, not good. But it isn’t stringy in a sticky way. And there’s no colour (green or otherwise). It is robust and warm, more like a container… for hugs, smiles, ideas and love. Green: some years ago, my family were eating fried chicken out at a restaurant and E. bit into a piece that was green inside, a muted emerald green: Green Muscle Disease, “characterized by necrosis and atrophy of the deep pectoral muscle” (Linden, 2014). This is an atrophy thing in a broiler chicken who tries to fly even though its breasts are too big. This is a glitch too in the machination of chicken production on a large scale, where the increase in bird flapping may be brought on by various factors described by Linden on The Poultry Site, such as variations in speed, light levels (dimming, intensity and outages), feed, noise, and handling. Life, wanting to live. Surely, even though broiler chickens don’t typically fly, it tries to fly, not unlike anyone of us might.

(, FIGURE 3 - uploaded by D. Kanakov Content may be subject to copyright. Screen shot of deep pectoral myopathy, March 12, 2022)





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