monoliths and a cityscape upon a horizon concrete sky day break Farsh by Roda Medhat at unit blanche Toronto, 2022  “By rendering problematic the triangular interrelation of power, discourse, and subjectivity, we can begin to articulate alternative ways of being regulated by discourse. Concrete and concerted efforts to find ways to privilege other forms of truth and subjectivity lead us to ways of not being governed “quite so much.”   (Teresa Macias, “On the Footsteps of Foucault”: Doing Social Justice Research, p.239 in Research as Resistance: Revisiting Indigenous, Indigenous, and Anti-Oppressive Approaches, edited by Leslie Brown and Susan Strega. Women’s Press, 2015, pp. 221-242.) Tonight is nuit blanche Toronto.  Dr. Julie Nagam’s curatorial vision of “The Space Between Us” extends the traditionally downtown event beyond Scarborough to the civic centres of North York and Etobicoke to follow waterways and other ways of knowing. Headlining the coverage of the event in the Toronto