“The bear was up on its hind legs, ten feet tall, so black Maris thought that she saw stars glittering in its fur, as if she might fall inside, spend the rest of her life drifting in space.”

From Dobozy, Tamas. Ghost Geographies Fictions. New Star Books. Vancouver. 2021, p. 237


In this chesty fur there is a phantom figure, possibly a winged angel, wanting to plant its feet on the ground. Two of its legs form in the glitch. Above this figure’s head is the bear’s snout, their shallow eyes, a body shifting heavily rightward across the scene. For weeks now we have been watching dozens of bears pooling in the rapid waters, as the salmons scale upstream over rocks. Some catch the fish with their relaxed bodies and mouths. Fish heads ripped off, leaving bright red guts. Half-eaten fish land upon a paw or back in the waters. At the bottom right, I see another standing figure, holding out a fishing net to catch this abundance together with the gulls.      

glitch17, nov 24, 2021

text, July 16, 2022

I have spent the last few weeks creating the blog. 

It is live and I have just sent out glitch2 via linkedin.