This image has a golden light, 
my curved back 
at a night of dancing amongst strangers in a darkened floor, 
ears against the speakers at my feet. 
The gold of beer. 

Enjoyment is a quality embedded in social media – likes, ❤️ and thumbs up contribute to a feeling of belonging and of liveness 

(Meiger, 2005 in Danielle Penny Lane’s master thesis, YouTube for Museums, 2022, p.12). 

In The Scent of Time, philosopher Byung-Chul Han warns that our accelerated lives (our digital and other selves) deprive us of a weighted time, a sense of duration or of a lingering movement, story making and the enjoyment that comes with it. (Han, 2009/ eng.2017) We speak about slowing down and speeding up within the same breaths, making our sense of enjoyment both palpable and elusive. Enjoyment, humour, optimism: how do they exist? 

(By) Losing oneself in the pool, the museum, the dance club, the city, where their edges keep us in? Bum and head. Bums and heads. 

No seats for zombies. 

I’ve not yet seen the zombies sit. 

Do zombies sit? 

If they sat, they might be lingering in contemplation which might not be even possible if they’ve already lost their souls, minds, hearts: they would be sitting/re-achieving sentience, they’d be, like, robots/people/Martians/Earthlings.

Lie with your legs extended and your feet a little wider than your shoulders. Hold the dumbbells over your chest with your arms straight up over your shoulders. Roll up through your trunk into a seated position while keeping your arms straight and the dumbbells reaching toward the ceiling; they should never deviate from perpendicular. Slowly reverse the move and return to the floor. 

Zombies lift perpendicular weight: 

they are our collective wish fulfillment to lift the weight up and off our people’s self-made gravity.  

glitch18, nov 24, 2021

text, july 29, 2022