This rippling, 

accordion like, show 

a languid and long-time 

where the leaves stuck against the glitch that forms hill like shield… as if they 

– leaves and hill 

move in simultaneous planes of land and machine. 

How has this yellow gathering of leaves set itself against the hill?

This confluence pulls me in as leaf. Holds my attention.


Dr. Dori Tunstall, reflecting on her tenure as Dean of Design at OCADU: Everyone asks me: “What do you do? And I say, I design the conditions of possibility. My role, especially in the last six years, has been assembling amazing, diverse peoples.” (Shilling, Sydney. “I Design the Conditions of Possibility”: A Conversation with Dori Tunstall. Azure, Oct 5, 2022)


Somehow, in the follow of rises and ebbs, there are communities that form 

a space that immerses the senses. 

This curiosity hurts. 

It is a slow burn. 

It is happiness. 

It is puncture of the parallel. 

glitch28, nov 19, 2021

text, oct 11, 2022