What does it mean to self-identify with a neighbourly rabbit: how does an inter-species relationship become both a mirror for the self and for living mindfully and sustainably in the world today, and into the future? Short strokes of colours are gibberish emotions, feelings of yellow, pink and brown on concrete and sky. Silhouette in water; water like glass, mirrored lake. A multitude of rabbits form alongside lyrical lines from she and I, and sometimes he/we/they dredged up to shape the family’s past|present|future made up of (18) 100+ identical rabbits cast in liquid concrete by the consummate artist commissioned by the city’s reluctant transit service to beautify an end subway station in a tony backyard. My obeisance to Noel Harding.

Imagine the Don River’s Elevated Wetlands multiplied 11fold

life-size rabbits teaming with vacant eyes along the Humber River.

glitch43, Oct 6, 2021

text, Aug 26, 2023 

exhibition, Jan 3-31, 2024