About Me, About This

This blog describes why the idea of glitch is an important starting point for me to create this space and to create, write and speak within it.

My name is Paola Poletto. My practice-research is research from creation: this blog begins with a photo series that reflects upon the work I do as an artist, while working within the institutional framework of the Art Gallery of Ontario, within the academic context of The Creative School at Toronto Metropolitan University

This is my work office. It includes Heather Goodchild's I'D RATHER BE WORKING poster, left, surrounded by some of my unentitled's; a cell shaped felt carpet I bought at The Textile Museum store; art made by my kids; Barbie clothes knit by my dad's friend, Anna, for my kids, which we glued to file folders and framed; a gold frame that once held an Alex Colville; and two well-used green chairs I inherited from David Wistow and Katherine Lochnan's offices.    

A series of 60 images, numbered and called Glitch, were taken over the period of May 2021 – February, 2022. They are accompanied by a series of texts that make a space that holds the multiple roles I occupy, specifically as artist and museum learning director, and those relationships that I also engage in as a museum visitor with visitors; as museum staff with staff, and as a community participant amongst communities. 

The images and words here attempt to bring together the museum’s interests with my digital and non-digital self --- as outputs --- for systemic and networked outcomes.  With a focus on staff, people and communities, aligned to Tools and approaches for transforming museum experience, Cooper Hewitt Interaction Lab – Smithsonian Design Museum, I propose developing a multi-voiced museum experience map of these 3 things – staff-people-communities – to envision a future-forward museum model with meaningful social impact beyond my own position.