….how do we get our name into the address book of the extra-terrestrial directory? 

(BBC's The Infinite Monkey Cage, UFO Special)

 “Blackman inserts his own peculiar meditation on the history of the pseudonym (including his own, Herald Oxley) as a form of ‘subversive erasure,’ a life found amidst the death of our ‘state-enforced identity.’ Blackman’s connection of identity with private property (owned by the corporatist state rather than the individual citizen) raises important questions about the ways in which the western constitution of selfhood is itself a ‘pre-emptive prison’ determining the limits of individual possibility.” 

(Ghost Geographies Fictions by Tamas Dobozy: the character Nikolas describes his research and writing as an independent scholar. His (Nikolas’) first book under pseudonym is favorably reviewed in the Guardian.)

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